Chisholm Foundation for Children

Chisholm Foundation for Children was established on November 19, 2010, primarily to assist Chisholm Services for Children in providing care for the children they serve. In April 2011 the properties which were used by Chisholm to provide care for children were transferred from the Sister of the Good Shepherd to the Foundation. The transfer also carries the opportunity for Chisholm to continue to offer quality care for those in need within the community.

In September 2011, the Foundation held a community reception to provide an opportunity to raise the awareness of the services provided by Chisholm and raise funds. The community reception was a tremendous success and marked the first formal event organized by the Foundation.

The Foundation plays an important role as a planning partner for Chisholm Service for Children, as evidenced with their involvement in preparing a business plan for the organization in partnership with the Department of Community Services and another service provider in the Halifax region. This plan provided options for the Department of Community Services to consider in providing a comprehensive community-based residential service for children and youth.