Impact of Support

These are a few ways that supporters and community partners are creating an impact through Chisholm.

Raising awareness

Providing opportunities for the community to help Chisholm “help children be children”. With the return of our signature event, Blind Date with a Star, along with other events such as Chuckles 4 Chisholm, Back to School Auction, Blue Nose Charity Challenge and the Holiday Fundraiser, Chisholm exceeded its targets this year in helping our community partners better understand the important service Chisholm provides right here in our community for children. Additionally, we have been working on the launch of our new look with a new video and website. These tools will keep the community aware and up to date on the important activities of Chisholm in the coming years.

Investing in tomorrow

Saving for the future to build new homes for the children to live and thrive. With the vision of providing care and support that is more responsive to children’s needs, Chisholm continues to plan for tomorrow. Donors invested in today’s service as well as the children’s future by helping to provide an opportunity for children to grow and develop a sense of hope and belonging.

Celebrating Special Occasions

With generous community support, the children in the Child and Youth Caring Program are very well cared for and comforted during special occasions year-round. For example, your support can help to enhance children’s experiences over the holiday season.

Building Team Capacity

Contributing to help strengthen the team to be better together, and to support those in Chisholm’s care.  Stronger relationships across the team help build stronger relationships with the children. Donor generosity is felt throughout our grateful team.

Award Recipients

Community Heart Award

The Community Heart Award recognizes an organization or member of the community that has demonstrated a commitment to Chisholm’s mission and vision.  The recipient remains dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging in the community and enhancing the service the children in Chisholm’s care deserve.  Recipients of the Community Heart Award embody the spirit of the Chisholm Way.

2023 - Atlantic Sewing Guild and Ian Surette

abassadors4children Award

The ambassadors4children Award is a recognition of the organizations and community members who, through financial support, have made it possible for Chisholm to reach for its ideals.

Awarded annually by Chisholm Foundation for Children, this award recognizes an organization or a member of the community that aligns with Chisholm’s vision of service and standard of care, and who has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the overall service for the children at Chisholm.

2023 -- Bell Media

MacGillivray Volunteer Recognition Award

The MacGillivray Volunteer Recognition Award was established to annually acknowledge the outstanding dedication and work of wonderful volunteers who truly embrace Chisholm’s value of collaboration with our community and the belief that it is not only our passion, but also our privilege to be part of Chisholm and the support provided to children in our care.

2023 -- Neville MacKay, My Mother's Bloomers