Children sitting on a ledge reading books held close to their faces with colourful covers

Our Story


Chisholm has a history dating back to 1890 when our founders, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, came to Nova Scotia to provide care and support for young women in need of a place to call home. Through the years, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd provided opportunity for young women, adolescents and children from across Nova Scotia, to reach their full potential.

In the 1970’s, community-based homes were the focus of our founders, with a view of offering better outcomes for adolescents in need within their community.

With the foresight of engaging community in the service, on June 3, 2004, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd passed the oversight of Chisholm to a community-based Board of Directors. On November 10, 2010, Chisholm Foundation was established with the sole purpose of enhancing the care provided by Chisholm and assisting with raising community awareness of the important services offered at Chisholm.

Today, Chisholm continues as a non-profit organization, focusing on prevention, early intervention and aligning children with a loving and safe home. Over the years, Chisholm has expanded to offer literacy programming, as well as trauma informed care group training and support. Rooted in our history, our mission remains focused on caring deeply for those who need support. That’s the Chisholm Way.


Mission, Vision & Values


Chisholm Services for Children provides care for children who have complex needs by providing a safe environment while fostering a sense of personal value, self-worth and the development of life skills.


Chisholm Services for Children is a leader in Nova Scotia in providing safe, community-based care for children 12 years of age and younger. Our therapeutic residential and non-residential programs successfully support children to transition into their community.



We are compassionate towards each child’s life journey, acknowledging that they are in need of care, consistency, and nurturing. We exemplify compassion by our commitment to creating a safe community with the children and families we serve. Compassion is evident when we are present, understanding, and responsive to each other. Compassion allows us to use forgiveness as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves and each other.


We believe that children are not defined by what has happened to them, and that change is possible. Through our commitment to emotional, physical, cultural, spiritual and social safety, children and adults alike support and assist one another. We strive to be better at who we are, which becomes possible when we encourage, support, and believe in one another.


We believe that every child and family has the basic right to belong and have a sense of place and acceptance. Belonging requires each of us to remain vigilant to the safety and wellbeing of everyone. Belonging is rooted in the individual worth of each person and must reflect a spirit of sanctuary that is the foundation for physical, emotional and spiritual healing and personal growth.


We recognize collaboration is the cornerstone of the care provided to our children. Children’s healthy growth requires collaboration with them, their family, teachers, care providers and broader community. We model justice, fairness and healthy relationships through mutual collaboration, striving to achieve a collective impact.


We believe in the intrinsic value and individual worth of each person. Respect is non-judgemental of the journey that has led children and families to our services. In all that we do, we are committed to the dignity of oneself, the respect and safety for each other and the environment. We respect that the future is yet to be written.