Who are we?

Chisholm Services for Children is the only non-profit organization in Central Nova Scotia offering a long-term care program, which specializes in early intervention. Chisholm is dedicated to guiding children who face severe adverse circumstances like neglect and abuse, to a realization of self-worth. Chisholm helps children develop skills and capacities to function successfully in a community setting and grow as healthy, stable individuals. Chisholm also provides a community based literacy program for children from primary to grade six who are reading below grade level or who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.


It has recently come to our attention that a third party has been soliciting businesses in the Halifax area to advertise in a coupon book using our legal identity.  This is an unapproved fundraiser and the company is using Chisholm Services for Children’s name and logo to solicit revenue without our permission.  The company is called “Spot on Coupon Book” and they have been approaching businesses in the area stating that they have partnered with a local charity and that “partial proceeds will go to the Local Charity”.  We value our community support and wanted to make you aware that this fundraising activity has not been approved by Chisholm Services for Children and request that community members do not participate in the fundraising activity. We have also taken action with the company to stop this solicitation immediately.  Thank you for your understanding and your ongoing community support.



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