Message from the Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, employees and children who we serve with our programs, I welcome you to Chisholm Services for Children and invite you to explore our website to learn more about the important service we provide in our community. Chisholm has a long history of providing residential care to thousands of women and children in Nova Scotia, dating back to 1890 when our Founders planted the seeds for the program that we currently offer. Today Chisholm provides a place for children 12 and younger to live when they are not able to be at home. The children in our care have experienced complex developmental trauma, often growing up in high-stress family and social environments. They deserve a place where they will be cared for and afforded the opportunity to realise their individual self worth and reach their inner potential. Chisholm Services for Children provides this place for them.

At Chisholm, we recognize the importance and the enormous benefits of offering a community-based program for the children in our care. Our program relies on community partners to help support the service we provide the children. Over the years many partnerships have been established in the community, such as those established with the public schools, recreation programs and many others. Chisholm is also supported by a diverse and experienced Board of Directors and our dedicated care team. Our team helps the children in our program as they navigate through the realities they face resulting from life’s experiences by helping them develop healthier ways to respond to life circumstances.

In closing, I thank-you for taking the time to learn about our service and the important task of providing the children in our program with a place where they can… ‘find hope when their situation seems hopeless, find value in respecting others and be respected in return, feel dignified even when their dignity is challenged, feel a sense of belonging and safety in their own community, and build the capacity to trust in themselves and in others’.


Wade Johnston, MSW, RSW
Executive Director
Chisholm Services for Children