Inspire your community and raise funds to help children be children.

When communities come together, anything is possible. When communities rally to support children, everything is possible. Be a champion for brighter futures by hosting a fundraiser in support of enhanced programming and activities for children supported by Chisholm.

There is no idea too big or too small. So, get creative and ask your friends and family to come together in support of a great cause.


“Chillin4Chisholm Fundraiser -- Greetings folks, and welcome to *drumroll* #chillin4chisholm!!! An initiative that will see me (and anyone I can convince) hurling myself into frigid Nova-Scotian waters for the next 30 days. With the holidays just around the corner, my hope is to raise funds to support the purchase of bicycles, scooters, sporting goods etc. for children living in child and youth care.” Ian Surette raised $4,400 with a gofundme event.

Have a fundraising idea you want to discuss?

Reach out to Geoff Hurst, Director of Business Development, for more information and how he can help you inspire your community to raise funds to help children be children.